About Tegnemaskin


The Norwegian word "Tegnemaskin" is a bit hard to explain. It can't be interpreted directly without loosing sense. It implies an "automaton capable of art" which I feel is a good fit.

On a daily basis I work with visual design (UI + illustration). As a side project, I create illustrations for storytellers. Being affectionate about science fition affects the look and feel of the artwork, and all my clients represent the genre.

My style is a hybrid between the "cinematic moment" and "episodic memory". It's more about the emotional impact rather than science facts.

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Although Tegnemaskin is an incredibly tiny art studio in Norway, we help enterprises worldwide with artwork for book covers, music albums, and more. 

If you believe we can be of any service to you, please drop us a line: ronnie@tegnemaskin.no

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