Buying a book cover


What's included

On purchase, you'll get the ebook-cover together with an exclusive license on the hi-res image displayed on the cover. No stock images are used so there are no hidden costs.

Promote your book

We also offer other designs for a reasonable fee. Reach your audience with promotional design in the same style as the cover art. We create designs for paperback, hardcover, wallpaper, web banner, bookmarks, endpaper, poster, banners, roll-ups, etc. at a reasonable price.

You'll receive the print-ready files in the required format and you take it to your local print shop or favorite web-designer, or your DIY project.

How to shop

Simply add covers to your cart and notify me in the comments field on check out what other design you inquire about.

Or simply email me now at ronnie@tegnemaskin.no

We will continue our dialog via email to ensure that all your details are taken care of. 

What I need from you:

  • The title, artist name, logos, and details you feel are important.
  • Simply add it in the comments field when you check out.
  • Don't worry, we'll email each other later if something is forgotten.

What you get from me:

  • I’ll replace the placeholder text with yours.
  • Change to another font or other details if you like.
  • We'll have little back and forth on adjustments via email.
  • You’ll receive a unique cover that will never be sold again.
  • I'll send readymade files for all your purchased design products. 
  • Quick response and delivery time (collab starts within 24 hours).

NOTE: Fonts used are from a wide range of font creators and are not for sale.

eBook cover and the hires artwork is included. Unlike the eBook cover the artwork comes without text providing more freedom in your promotion.

There are many options on how to utilise your coverart. Bookmarks, hero image, or other printed/digital promotional material. We can create the production-ready files you need. We only need the dimensions and we'll prepare it for you.


Although Tegnemaskin is an incredibly tiny art studio in Norway, we help enterprises worldwide with artwork for book covers, music albums, and more. 

If you believe we can be of any service to you, please drop us a line: ronnie@tegnemaskin.no

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