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Promote your book

Promotional design is offered in the same style as the cover. Reach your audience by letting them recognize your story at multiple touchpoints.

We also create designs for paperback, hardcover, wallpaper, web banner, bookmarks, endpaper, poster, banners, roll-ups, flyers, signing-sheet, etc. to a low-cost. The most costly work is already done, and to expand into variations is much cheaper than expected.

See a few examples further down the page.


The illustration itself, without text or any markup, is usually quite wide. It is supposed to, in most instances, cover both front, spine and back page. This format is great for web-banners, desktop backgrounds, etc, where you need to exploit the width of the physical touchpoints. There is usually enough space in the image for some clipping to occur without destroying the impact. NOTE: the plain illustration is a part of the delivery of which you have an exclusive license.


A hero image on your landing page further invites potential readers into investigating your story. The cover font can also be used on your promo page as well. The fonts are made by various creators and are free to use. Information on these fonts will also be provided on delivery. Together with the hero image, you may also add mockups of paperback and/or tablet versions of your book.


Bookmarks are a great way to remind your readers about your story whenever they use it. These are handy give-aways on any conventions, and act similar to "business-cards"? The format also, in many cases, provides a landscape view of the illustration which in turn gives the cinematic feel to your story.


A signing-sheet for limited editions are commonly used. These are usually stitched into a hardcover version of your book. Usually handled by the publishers own print-shops, but the design can be provided by Tegnemaskin.


Posters are a very popular way of branding your books. Posters are also collectibles and can be sold or given away on occasion. The format varies a bit, but usually, they are 50x70 cm.


Desktop backgrounds, or wallpapers, are great give-aways and always popular. Readers can download the wallpapers from your promo site. Social media files are also highly relevant and should be considered one of the most important imagery in your branding.


Sometimes you will also need various mockups of your book. Your target audience will quickly notice different formats that are available for your book. Mockups are also very useful to various review sites for consistency in your branding.


Although Tegnemaskin is an incredibly tiny art studio in Norway, we help enterprises worldwide with artwork for book covers, music albums, and more. 

If you believe we can be of any service to you, please drop us a line: ronnie@tegnemaskin.no

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