(not the movie...)


Drop me a line or check out these answers first:

Q: Can I commission custom cover art?

A: I'm open to taking on commissions.

Q: Can I use your art for my projects for free?

A: I don't offer free services or non-exclusive licensing options.

Q: Do you create images for other genres than sci-fi?

A: Usually not, but send me a brief. Maybe I'd like it anyway?

Q: I see a cover I like. Can it be altered to better fit my story?

A: I'm sorry, it would be like creating a completely new cover artwork.

Q: Do you base your artwork on AI?

A: No. I do not believe that AI fully comprehends the creative process.

Q: NFTs?

A: I don't believe in it! It seems fraudulent to me.

Q: Do you sell any of the 3D objects on your covers?

A: No, sorry. But I can build assets for any project. Please reach out !